No Smoking

Why Implement a Smoke free Campus?

·         A Smoke free hospital helps to provide a healthier and cleaner environment for all who visit, work and stay at the Hospital.

·         It eliminates the exposure to passive smoke.

·         It enables the Hospital to support those who wish too quit smoking.

·         It demonstrates the Hospitals commitment to creating and supporting a healthier Lifestyle as well as reducing the adverse affects of Smoking

All external smoking shelters will be removed because:

·         We want to eliminate the exposure of passive smoke.

·         Easy access to such facilities does not assist those who wish to quit smoking.

·         There is a legal obligation on the Hospital to provide a safe and comfortable environment for Staff, Patients and Visitors by removing this very serious health risk associated with tobacco smoke.


The Hospital recognizes that this change will be difficult for those who smoke, we are prepared as a hospital to work together to help ease the transition for smokers.

We will assist those who smoke not to smoke while in hospital through the provision of Nicotine replacement products and access to the Smoking Cessation Support Services. Please ask your Doctor or nurse for further information and advise.

What we ask of Patients who Smoke:

·         Do not smoke while in hospital.

·         Do not bring cigarettes into the hospital.

·         Ask for help.

·         Please notify staff as early as possible that you smoke.

·         Use the free nicotine replacement products available, to help stop the cravings.

·         Please support our efforts to create a healthy smoke free environment for all who come to the hospital.

Patients who leave the hospital against medical advice do so at their own risk.


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